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I often think and reflect on how to have a fulfilled and successful life. For the most part, that is the end result, or the picture when all the pieces of the puzzle are put together. It is the ideal to which everyone must strive.

As I ponder, my thoughts go to the old oak tree I used to observe and admire when I was a little boy. My thoughts go deeper, and I realize that such majestic and magnificent tree starts in the seed form. In the seed form, I already have the oak tree, at least potentially, if I can see it that way. After putting it in a good ground where it can be watered and become germitized, it will then become a little oak. As it grows, even though I don’t define it as a tree yet, I’m thankful, because I have it in its infancy. Then it gets to a point where it begins to majestically spread its wings.

I am an oak tree. You are an oak tree. You are one in the series of others from a lineage of oaks that stood the test of time down through the years.

As I reminisce on my past, that big, stately oak provided shade for me to sit and contemplate. But in winter time, it drops off old leaves, and in the spring time new leaves come forth. Year after year, season after season, storm winds could have blown it. However, its roots went so deep in the process that it can withstand the test of time. During summer, it provided a good environment for me and others to gather and discuss, and give birth to new and novel ideas.

You have potentially succeeded and have the potential to succeed. With the right environment and attitude you can grow the seed of success that’s in you.

In seed form it has not matured to its full potential yet, but with the right attitude and approach, it will. Under the right conditions it will. It will require a ground of hard work, discipline and sacrifices, and will need to be watered with patience, perseverance and support. But in process of time, you’ll be an oak tree, from which others can be inspired and motivated.

So if you are in a situation where it’s hard for you to envision yourself as a fulfilled and successful man or woman, don’t give up. Go outside. Have a walk. And look. You’ll be surprised to see how many oak trees out there are ready to encourage you to move on and continue through your journey.