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With  an  increasingly  changing  global  economy,  with  a  constantly  changing  social  system, our time has reached new levels of uncertainties and complexities where the old procedures and processes became obsolete and useless. So whatever your professional status is, if you don’t adapt you will be left behind.

Therefore, here are 3 “D”s you must consider investing your time and effort in.


Be digital. It’s the age of Digital Economy. The society is becoming more and more digital technology dependent. Digital tools are massively changing the way we communicate, interact, engage and operate. And consequently, inside enterprises, operational processes and business models are being transformed.


Embrace design. Not everyone understands the real value of design. And it’s sometimes the main reason why businesses don’t grow. Designers don’t just make products look good, they will make them pieces of art that will ignite thoughts and emotions to drive decisions – therefore actions – of people.


Don’t do it if you can’t measure it. Your choices and decisions must be data-driven. Know your numbers, analyse them and then decide. Numbers don’t lie, so use them. Strategies and solutions‭ ‬are more resilient and complete if they are based on facts and data, rather than on intuitions and discernments.

To stay on the cutting edge in this very complex networked society, you must be digital-minded, design-focused and data-driven.

How digital are you? Are you investing in design? Are you analyzing your data?